Cadan Zhalto

Duro Fixer




Separated from his family at a very young age when the surface of Duro was bombarded by the separatists in the clone wars. Cadan grew up in the Corellian judicial system. After the formation of the Galactic Empire the Imperial Academy was also formed. Since news of this hit Cadan he had his eyes set on attending. When he came of age he signed up. From day one he was he outshined his fellow students and did what he could to move up the ranks. Naturally gifted at computer systems he was able to arrange for several things to work in his favor. An appointment here and a meeting there getting himself the face time with the right people seemed to work out. Before he knew it Academy was complete. A full two cycles earlier than his peers.
When he started work in the imperial military he was put into military intelligence. He was awarded the rank of Fixer due to his scores and influence in academy. Things seemed good for a time, until some information so secret it was kept from intelligence came up the chain for decryption. It was stolen imperial information that had no record or trace and it was the first thing he has not been able to decode. While those who had stolen it were executed by the imperial agents that discovered the theft, it seems no good deed goes unpunished. Shortly after delivery of this information the imperial agents that got it back turned up dead. Cadan saw everyone that had handled the information up the chain turn up dead one by one. This was when he decided it was time to disappear.
Switching his records with another Duro fitting a close description he was able to save himself from whatever fate was set for him. Being free of this left questions that he wanted answers to. The information he was privy to gave him the edge he needed to insert himself into a shell corporation ran by the empire secretly. Since then he has been trying to find out what branch of the military was he not aware of and what was in that encrypted code that he could not decrypt. His new found position has awarded him many things more influence, money, and access to information that most beings would kill for.

Cadan Zhalto

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