Kalak Kristono

Nautolan mechanic


Kalak is of average Nautolan stature, just slightly taller than the average human. He has the typical black eyes and pale green skin of his race, and usually keeps his tentacles tied back.

He is a kind, if not very gentle person. Even facing life or death situation, he prefers to find a non-lethal solution. Many times it may still be a violent one, but bruises and bloody lips are a vastly preferable outcome to blaster burns and bullet holes.


Kalak had always had a knack for machines since he was young. While others saw a chaotic mess of gears and circuits, It just made sense to him the way parts worked together and fit to make a greater whole. Building and tuning swoops for the local delinquents exposed him to the seedier side of the world, and fostered his love of competition. Kalak is very proud of his work and abilities, and is quick to try to one up anybody he sees as a rival in his interests.

What he doesn’t entirely realize is his natural talents stem from his sensitivity to the force. Kalak’s creations run just a little more efficiently, his repairs hold out just a bit longer than others. He’s always attributed this to natural talent, and while not exactly incorrect, the true source of it evades him.

As the Galactic Empire rose to power, Kalak found himself sympathizing with the Rebellion, and soon began working alongside their interests. During one such incident, he became indebted Utri Lua’fey, a shady Bothan with ties to the rebellion, and has been working as a fixer of sorts for problems that require his expertise.

Kalak Kristono

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