Keep Flying

Episode 9
Cadan's Message

Almost 2 years have passed since the great hunt. A lot has happened in the galaxy grinding the bounty business to a near halt. Imperial red tape is keeping things moving at a Hutt’s pace. Alderaan has been destroyed and the imperials are blaming a group of rebels for that and there have been rumors of a crippling loss the empire suffered, but no official announcement has been made other than the fact many imperials had lost their lives in a rebel attack in Yavin space.

Banis and Joren have been spending their time with others more and more. Rex has become a common site on their new freighter and they have been keeping Kalak safe from the eyes of the empire for Utri. Since a lot of their money making has been done with computers and Cadan has been out of contact they brought on another common face Tevv. He is a whiz with computers, and with Kalak they could tackle just about any task.

The four of them were sitting in a small dive on Malastare when a small probe droid damaged and moving erratically approaches them. It projects a message from Cadan on the table its garbled and encoded. Kalak gets to work to clear up the message. Then when it replays you see and hear clearly. Cadan explains in the event he is captured his droid is to track him down and then relay that information to them. Cadan explains what they need is at their old meeting grounds. The message ends with a screen of code that scrolls upward.

This is the point at which Joren felt the need for some close company. He found the closest barmaid and used his charm to seduce her. This Aqualish female was quite taken with Joren and quickly rumors spread in the group about the encounter. It is said that Joren “Eats the caviar.”

On Rilleb the group locates another old droid of Cadan’s it is weathered and can only provide the information needed after they do some repairs and verify their identity. They get a tricky code that requires some solving in order to enter correctly. With some thought on it they were able to enter the correct password in time and they are able to access the encoded data on the probe droid. This gives them a location to a facility in the jungles of Talus. Surveillance information shows it is a rebel run facility Kalak is able to shed light on the fact it is definitely not an official site it must be highly classified.

The group heads to Talus and start working on a plan to spring Cadan from this place. As they observe from the jungle they see a rotation of guards around small shacks that are in front of the main building. On of the shacks gets opened and a human is pulled from it by the guards. He is then kicked in the back of the knees and executed on the spot. Another one of the shacks gets opened and the guards pull a Duro from it. Recognizing Cadan the group hope for the best. The guards pull him into the main building.

Using his skills Banis helps the group over to the maintanence hatch and sneaks in. A couple of snags happen when transporting the last party member over and they need to take out the guard that spotted them quietly. Banis then hides the body in the jungle and gets spotted again on the way back. This guard ends up dead and instead of hidden in the jungle Banis pulls him into the hatch with the group.

In the basement of the building there is a technician cursing as he works on the systems. They knock him out and use his uniform to scout the rest of the building. They lure two patrolling guards to the basement and take their uniforms. Then with the disguises they head down the hallway to the interrogation room they found Cadan in with the security systems. Since he was alone it should be easy. The guards at Cadan’s door are fooled by the ruse with the maintenance uniform and allow Tevv to enter as Joren and Kalak watched from down the hall in guard outfits.

As Tevv enters he explains himself to Cadan. Seeing as Tevv was not familiar with Cadan he was not ready for the response to the situation. Cadan help up his hands to let Tevv unbind him then Tevv handed him a blaster pistol from his tool box. Cadan called Tevv a fool because he had gotten past the guards with his lie, but they did not have a way for both of them to get out. “Why didn’t you come down here with the guard uniforms you morons.” He took Tevv’s comlink from him and told Banis to be ready. Then he told Tevv they needed a distraction. “Scream” he said and when Tevv hesitated Cadan pointed the blaster at him.

With that distraction the guards opened the door and allowed the rest of the group to jump into action except for Rex who was found when they were on their way out with Cadan. He was talking to the unconscious technician they knocked out. When they gathered everything and erased any trace they had been there they got out and took off.

Episode 8
Just for Kicks

Continued from Episode 7…..

Banis sitting in a chair in the front office of a stable. The veterinarian comes out and explains that Joren is on a Bacta drip and if he wants his friend to continue on that drip he needs to shell out 5000 Truguts. Seeing as how he could not convince the bulky man to take credits he needed to go make some money fast.

He goes to a bar and sits for a drink. Scanning the room he sees some interesting people. A group of bounty hunters are talking about the land lock they caused in the area. Banis over hears them talk about the bounty on Deng Harend and that they are all there for it. From what he heard there was a lot of competition to find Deng first. With the realization that they are here because Deng’s fighter is docked in the starport. Banis was not going to be able to leave and get the bounty money and now he was in even more danger if someone discovered that he had the signet to collect the bounty.

Banis just wanted to get offworld now and take the attention of the bounty hunters away from the location. He set out to figure a way to lift the landlock and take off. When visiting the starport he sees that it is crawling with men in armor. It was not going to be possible to sneak into the control room and fiddle with the computer until he could figure it out. He decided it might be best to cut the power. He heads over to Tosche station to scope out the situation. He meets a man there and finds out that Tosche station to only controls the power to Anchorhead, but to Mos Eisley and a few other locations. The man also says that he had thought about cutting the Mos Eisley power to get attention to the situation here, but he figured it best to let things blow over. He would more likely cause a group to show up that would sooner kill the workers for the power failure than get help.

Banis then decides its safer to cut the power to just the starport. Going back to the starport he finds the main power feed and severs it then sneaks in. He dispatches the man guarding the fighter and slips in able to take off before anyone can take action. Losing anyone that may have been following him he went to meet with Cadan. He gets the money for the bounty and ditches the fighter. Then him and Cadan return to get Joren so he can be properly treated closer to the core.

When they return to Anchorhead they find that Joren was gone and the man that was caring for him explained that some goons had come in and taken him. That the leader of the group said his name was Darius Amon and you would know where to find him. Banis then told Cadan they needed to go to Jabba’s Palace. Cadan argued the idea but relented and they set off to the palace. When they arrived they found Joren in great health with a new prosthetic. Darius explained this was a favor and they should not be surprised if he calls on them at some point.

Episode 7
The Great Hunt

Banis and Joren meet Cadan in a museum on Coruscant. Being so close to the core was uncomfortable. Cadan explains he is here on business and needed to meet as soon as possible he was giving them a shot at a large bounty before it went on the holonet. That combined with that fact that the last couple of jobs they had been on, the people that gave those jobs ended up dead he was going to take precautions, so they met in a very public place.

They are sitting in a room with preserved creatures from all over the galaxy. This specific creature was important. Cadan pointed at the plaque attached to the based of the exhibit. It read “Giant Sludge Panther – Taken by Deng Harend”. Cadan then explains he is the next bounty. “He is an executive with Shankti Drive Works and just embezzled a lot of money. They would like for him to be dealt with. They are going to be using a front in order to fund the bounty, but I happened across the information before they could transfer it.”

Cadan gives Banis and Joren a data disk with some information on it about Deng and explained they simply needed to find him and bring proof of death which was a signet he always wore. He would not have parted with it any other way. The data disk contained pictures, ship registrations, contacts, and Deng’s background. Deng was an ex-military man that was an avid big game hunter and a competitor in starfighter ace tournaments. He had went on vacation just before his betrayal to the company had been discovered.

Our party finds themselves on Corellia trying to track down the location of Deng. It took some doing, but they found out he had gotten a location to a wild planet that was good for hunting new and dangerous things. With the information they set out to find Deng’s Yacht.

Deng’s ship was in orbit next to the planet that they were told he was going to. After trying to hail the yacht and getting no response they saw the dock was opened and they docked their small freighter. While on board they searched and found no sign of Deng, but there was a staff of droids that seemed to be expecting them. They were offered refreshments and comfort while they waited in a large library aboard the ship.

As they are enjoying their drinks a holo-projector emerges from the floor and Deng makes an appearance. He is in a camp on the planet’s surface. He tells them a story about how his father was killed on a hunting trip he was on as he dressed in camo and assembled his rifle. When he finishes the story he sets fire to his camp and then explains that they do not have a choice but to come down to the planets surface and kill him to take the ship he has on the surface. An explosion rings out from the dock and they are shown an image of their freighter being destroyed. Deng then says they have about 45 seconds to get to the escape pods.

After using the pod to get to the surface they can see the smoke from the camp Deng set fire to. They head in that direction to collect they bounty. Of course it was a trap when the first shot rang out they were caught by surprise. Joren took the first hit, luckily it was not severe. Using cover to close the gap between them and Deng it took a long time to get there all the while Deng was moving as well. After several more failed attempts on Joren they were close enough to fire back.

With the fire fight at that point they were not able to stop him before he moved again and hid. This time when he shot it hit Joren with enough power to shred his leg. Banis not knowing what kind of state Joren was in used the opportunity to close the gap between him and Deng. This took Deng by surprise and Banis made him pay. Thinking his friend was dead caused a cruelty from Banis noone had seen before, he used his scatter gun to tear Deng limb from limb before ending his life. He took the code cylinder and signet then headed over to the last place he saw Joren.

Joren was near death, but by sheer will Banis was able to keep him alive long enough to carry him to the ship Deng left behind and make it to the nearest planet for any type of medical attention…… Tatooine.

To be continued….

Episode 6
A Plague on both your houses

After spending some time in a line at the bounty office on Malastare, Banis and Joren decide they needed a stiff drink and some time to relax. After all they just got paid and could afford some fun. They sit down for a drink and share a joke about the Dug that just tried to pick their pockets. “Never knew they could run that fast.” The Zillo Bar was a nice spot for a little while until a familiar face entered the room and with two large humans approached the booth is such a way that kept them blocked in.

An extremely well dressed Bothan slides into the booth and lays a blaster pistol on the table and rests his hand on it. He introduces himself as Utri Lua’fey and explains that they had cost him valuable time. Instead of killing them he had decided that if they had gotten one over on him then maybe they could be useful. He plays them a video on his datapad oif the interrogation and retrieval of the data disk from Junda. The hutt was then executed by one of the guards Utri traveled with. This was to impress the lengths he would go to in order to get what he needed. “See it’s only lost time to me, and I feel like my time is very valuable.”

He talked with them as if he knew their past and offered a way out of their current entanglements. Banis having been blackmailed by a Moff and Joren in debt to the Black Sun. This was a deal that was best for everyone since it would turn the Black Sun’s attention to the Moff in question and more than likely result in an assassination. Utri produced a lightsaber and explained to Banis that he would get this back and the rest of the information the Moff had on him would be “lost”. Banis denied that he ever had any association with the lightsaber or the information the Moff had. Instead of pressing the point Utri then packed up the lightsaber and took his deal off the table then. Turning all of his attention to Joren they went over the job details.

The job was to break into a Black Sun bunker on Mustafar and frame the Moff’s fixers for slicing into the computer and transmitting the data they had stored there. Since the Black Sun was in the business for selling imperial secrets it was a valuable target for Utri. “Steal the data and frame the Moff it’s that simple.” Utri signals one of his men that approaches the table. A Nautolan names Kalak stands in front of them. Utri asks them to take his own specialist with them so he can ensure the job is done properly. The last request that Utri had was that there be no witnesses.

When they got to Mustafar they were able to acquire enviro-suits and shielded transportation. With this they were able to get out to the location the bunker was in. Having to rely on vague details they traveled on foot in order to locate the bunker. It happened to be in a nesting area of a large species called Tulrus. They were not really dangerous unless spooked so getting off the speeder was the best choice. Finally locating it they found a way into the ventilation from the outside and scouted as much of the facility as they could. Finding a good entry point was tricky until they came up to a vent to a small mess hall where a single man was in the room.

Banis opened the vent hatch and crawled out of the vent as silent as death and put his scatter gun to the mans head. With that gesture the man turned to knock the gun away and Banis let loose a round that killed the man. Luckily this did not drawn any attention even though it was loud. As they left the mess hall to get to the rest of the facility they ended up walking into a hall as a door opposite opened and they stood face to face with two other men. They had no time for anything else and the scatter gun rang out again. Miraculously escaping detection again they moved to the control room.

Along the way Kalak tried repeatedly explaining “no witnesses” doesn’t mean they need to kill everyone. Banis seemed upset though that he was not getting anything from the deal and was there only as a favor to Joren. As they get to the control room they do not see a way to sneak in so instead Banis throws open the doors and starts blasting everyone. The fight breaks out to everyone and when nothing was left standing but our party then they located the computer terminal and Kalak went to work.

With the data package sent and the information stolen from the computer they head back to their speeder. As they do they find they were being stalked by a large animal. It was some sort of insect like beast with a long tail. As they all took cover and started firing at it a couple blaster bolts hit what must have been a soft spot in the ground and molten rock spouted up like a geyser from under the creature. This burned right through it and ended the fight before it really began.

Meeting with Utri on Alderaan in the middle of a large grassy field he tosses a holo-projector to Joren and says “keep an eye on the news its happening very soon.” The projector is locked to a galactic news frequency. Looking at Banis he brandishes the lightsaber hilt and says “Don’t be surprised if we call on you again.” Then he hops into the speeder with his guards and takes off.

Episode 5
Nar Shaddaa Shuffle

Our party finds themselves in the company of a Hutt named Junda. He owns a casino on Nar Shadda and has a task he needs them to complete. A man is selling imperial military secrets to a rebel contact in his casino/Hotel. This did not sit well with the Hutt considering he was not cut in on the deal. He wants Banis and Joren to intercept the man before he can sell and then pose as the contact and sell a fake set of secrets. After that is done return the money and the secrets back to Junda and he will see about setting up his own meeting.

Banis and Joren enjoy some gambling on the casino floor while trying to locate their target. The droid fights seem profitable for a time then they spot the contact. He is a human named Gavid Tane. As he staggers drunk back to his room Banis and Joren follow and subdue him. With the resulting questioning they leave him unconscious, armed with the room they need to meet the buyers in. Making a passable copy of the disk was a bit of a struggle, but they pulled it off and it should verify when they meet the buyers.

When they meet the buyers in room 1568 they were not expecting a contact of the rebellion so calculated. He was a Bothan that dressed well, and carried himself proudly. He always spoke as if he already knew the answers to any questions he asked. He verified the disk that Banis handed him and as he handed over the credits for the disk he inquired about Gavid. Not expecting that Utri knew what Gavid looked like Banis and Joren ran as fast as they could out of the room before the door closed trapping them inside.

They left the hotel to meet with Junda as quickly as possible to complete the job. As they exited Junda’s office they bumped into a man as he raised the hood of a cloak over his head. The short glimpse they got was of a red cybernetic eye. Banis was overwhelmed with a sense of déjà vu. The man vanished in the crowd as explosion rang out on the sixth and fifteenth floors of the hotel, quickly followed by another large one coming from Junda’s office.

Episode 4
Reservoir Dugs
guest GM: SlaughterMelon Banis “The Shadow” Ra

Rex returns and Cadan sees some action.
Banis being blackmailed by a Moff is forced to assemble a crew of the only people he trusted Cadan Zhalto , Rex Marksley and Joren for a assassination made to look like a robbery attempt on a gang leader named Tugura Kaba. Kaba was the leader of a upcoming street gang called the Ravagers. He planned on brokering a deal with the Black suns with incriminating evidence against the Moff. Banis would assassinate Kaba on his way to the meeting at Kaba’s Cantina The Baroness. During the assassination Banis’s crew would rob the Baroness and anyone in it to throw suspicion off as to make it look like a dispute between both gangs. A mysterious figure going by the name “Nair” hands the crew masks to hide their identities and give the mission run down. After a couple days of preparation the day of the robbery came. A loud explosion rung through the streets of Courusant. Without hesitation the crew broke into the Baroness and robbed the Black suns that were waiting for the meeting. They also retrieved the files on the Moff. After meeting up with Banis on Felucia were he handed them their share of the job payout. They all went their separate ways Banis and Joren in their ship Cadan in his and Rex in a space taxi.

Episode 3
Yeah... that went well.

Continued from Episode 2….

Stuck in a cave during the sand storm that is covering the party looks overt the loot they had gotten from the Hutt vault. As they are getting comfortable and eating rations a voice from outside asks if there is room for one more. A man wearing a mask reveals himself from the cave entrance in a non-threatening way. they keep their guns trained on him until they are satisfied he is not a threat.

He joins them in the center of the cave and as he sits he removes the mask he had on and introduces himself as Darius Amon. He says that he was scouting the imperial activity in the area for Jabba and then he saw what the party had done. With the fact they were in the cave he decided he wanted to see what was going on, it’s not every day that someone is daring enough to steal from a Hutt, even a dead one.

They discussed the predicament the party was in with the ship and Darius explains that the Jawas across the dune sea have the equipment needed to extract their freighter. As the storm dies down Darius leaves and the party packs up to meet with the Jawas he had mentioned.

As the party approaches the sand crawler they see Jawas outside talking and laughing with someone that is wearing familiar clothing. As they approach they notice its Darius. He is able to help the party strike a deal with the Jawas, but the party is worried about how he beat them there. As the deal was struck a dune barge swing around from the back of the sand crawler with a deck gun and several men aiming weapons at the party. Darius then “Invites” the group back to Jabba’s palace while the Jawas extract the ship.

The group of Men Darius is leading do not bind the group they just disarm them for the trip. Along the way they are not able to get any information from Darius. Baniss and Joren are quite angry about the situation while Rex seems excited to meet another Hutt.

They arrive at an entrance to the palace that leads through garages and workshops. Darius guides the party through many halls and stairs until they are standing outside a room that is heavy with music. Darius makes them wait as if they are waiting for a stage queue. The group enters standing in front of Jabba himself and the music stops while they conduct business. Jabba explains he knows what they were looking for and who wanted it. The secrets on the datacron are something he wanted to keep hidden. He wants the party to now betray Kula and kill him with a fabricated replica of the datacron that will explode by remote.

The party is then handed their belongings again and offered a few days at the palace to enjoy themselves while things are being prepared. Joren takes to some gambling and drinking, while Baniss turns his attention towards a certain twilek in Jabba’s “Employ”. At this point lets just say things go really good for Baniss, and this Twilek does not feel the need to charge for her services. Meanwhile Rex prepares for his part in the job with Darius he is the one that needs to remote detonate the object after delivery.

The sand crawler delivers the freighter to the palace after a few days and our party is off. They meet with the Rodian on Da Sooncha V and get paid. Rex goes on to complete his task after the datacron has been delivered. Kula was killed in the explosion and Rex’s whereabouts unknown after thew task. Baniss and Joren go on to refuel then head to their next adventure.

Episode 2
A bounty fit for a hutt

After getting a communication from a Hutt named Kula, Baniss and Joren find themselves waiting for their contact on Da Soocha V. Seeing as how this was a job for a Hutt our party does not see a way to turn it down. With that knowledge they can also assume it will be very dangerous.

The contact’s ship lands and an abusive Rodian comes down the ramp. He makes it a point to push his protocol droid around. He gives the information needed to the party and leaves a new servant of the Hutt with the party. He tells Baniss and Joren to show him the ropes and there would be some extra credits in it for them. A Xexto that goes by the name of Rex walks down the ramp and in awkwardly introduced to the group.

After leaving they decided to plug in the data pad to see what the entire job was. They are to retrieve and artifact from the vault of an abandoned Hutt palace on Tatooine. Landing as close as possible to the location the party starts scouting the location. The palace itself seems to be garrisoned by imperial troops. A single transport is on the landing pad over the canyon and there are patrols on the walkways. The swoops the party has do not have access to the walkways or the landing pad.

While discussing a way to get onto the walkway and into the palace Rex sneaks off and steals a swoop. Punching the throttle as hard as he can he blasts past Baniss and Joren and jumps from the cliff onto the walkway below. The swoop skids and he jumps off while firing his weapons at the patrolling troopers. This looked really awesome until none of the blaster bolts connected and the surprised troops quickly returned fire. Getting hit by a blaster rifle Rex takes cover behind some crates and gets pinned as the troops advance on him.

Baniss and Joren while both angry and impressed decide they better help him out and they take the other swoop driving it off the cliff right at the troopers. They knock one trooper down and jump off before the speeder itself hits the ground below. They dispatch both troops quickly and get Rex who is at this time using stims to keep himself conscious.

This is where they come up with a plan and have their droid scan the area. They learn that there are several more troops in the palace. They send the droid into the shuttle to monitor any activity on board. The group easily dispatches any troops between them and the vault. When they get there the droid alerts them to the fact the shuttle is moving. The remaining troops left with the shuttle and the droid still on board.

When they party found the wall section that hid the vault they realized that the tools needed to get into this is not something they had. So with some energy cartridges and a couple of grenades found on the troopers they fashioned an explosive to take down the wall. With that success they were able to enter the vault and retrieve the artifact which happened to be an ancient datacron. The party also found some other useful things inside the vault. The Hutt clothing however they left behind.

Heading back to their ship they see the location they had left the ship had a sand storm raging burying the ship and keeping them stranded in the canyon until it cleared.

To be continued….

Episode 1
Just another day in the outer rim

Our party Baniss and Joren meet their contact Cadan on Riileb. The planet is made up of small islands and the one they are on has been a meeting ground for them for quite some time. They turn over their previous quarry and Cadan offers them a new job on Ryloth.

They are to track down a Twilek by the name of On’Mesh, he is the leader of a swoop gang called the Chrome Crows. As our party arrives they get right to it and start looking for the gang. The clubhouse itself looks like it locked up tight and there are a pair of trained Nexu tied to the door. Instead of dealing with that first the party decides to first check out one of the gang’s fronts.

The Eternia Bar was very busy and it was very simple to sneak in the back office undetected. This is where they laid a trap for the first gang member that would enter the office. With the member Chomsky in hand they head back to their freighter to get information from him. Chomsky proved difficult to interrogate and Baniss lost his nerve shooting Chomsky in the chest. Joren realizing they did not get the information they needed retorted with “Uhm… I think we need to work on our interrogation skills.”

The team goes back to the bar lies in wait again and snags another member. This time they snag Qoolqi and when they get him back to their freighter they use a wrench instead of a gun. This proves to be much more useful. They get the location of On’mesh and the codes to the club house.

Armed with a plan they get back to the clubhouse and use raw meat to bait and rug the nexu. Unfortunately one of them was not very hunger and decided to charge when they were opening the door. Little did they know that Booli a large Ithorian was on the other side of the door to see what the commotion was. The Nexu lunged and Baniss moved out of the way just in time to send the beast into the door. This knocked it off its hinges and made it fall on Booli. The following gunfight lead to the death of On’Mesh’s Rodian friend Dreelo and On’Mesh lie on the floor stunned. Booli then stood up and started swinging a large cybernetic axe at Baniss and Joren in the doorway. He got it stuck in the wall giving the party the time they needed to finish him off and be on their way.

They Deliver On’Mesh to Cadan on Riileb at the end. With fresh credits in hand our group takes off onto new things.

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