Keep Flying

Episode 2
A bounty fit for a hutt

After getting a communication from a Hutt named Kula, Baniss and Joren find themselves waiting for their contact on Da Soocha V. Seeing as how this was a job for a Hutt our party does not see a way to turn it down. With that knowledge they can also assume it will be very dangerous.

The contact’s ship lands and an abusive Rodian comes down the ramp. He makes it a point to push his protocol droid around. He gives the information needed to the party and leaves a new servant of the Hutt with the party. He tells Baniss and Joren to show him the ropes and there would be some extra credits in it for them. A Xexto that goes by the name of Rex walks down the ramp and in awkwardly introduced to the group.

After leaving they decided to plug in the data pad to see what the entire job was. They are to retrieve and artifact from the vault of an abandoned Hutt palace on Tatooine. Landing as close as possible to the location the party starts scouting the location. The palace itself seems to be garrisoned by imperial troops. A single transport is on the landing pad over the canyon and there are patrols on the walkways. The swoops the party has do not have access to the walkways or the landing pad.

While discussing a way to get onto the walkway and into the palace Rex sneaks off and steals a swoop. Punching the throttle as hard as he can he blasts past Baniss and Joren and jumps from the cliff onto the walkway below. The swoop skids and he jumps off while firing his weapons at the patrolling troopers. This looked really awesome until none of the blaster bolts connected and the surprised troops quickly returned fire. Getting hit by a blaster rifle Rex takes cover behind some crates and gets pinned as the troops advance on him.

Baniss and Joren while both angry and impressed decide they better help him out and they take the other swoop driving it off the cliff right at the troopers. They knock one trooper down and jump off before the speeder itself hits the ground below. They dispatch both troops quickly and get Rex who is at this time using stims to keep himself conscious.

This is where they come up with a plan and have their droid scan the area. They learn that there are several more troops in the palace. They send the droid into the shuttle to monitor any activity on board. The group easily dispatches any troops between them and the vault. When they get there the droid alerts them to the fact the shuttle is moving. The remaining troops left with the shuttle and the droid still on board.

When they party found the wall section that hid the vault they realized that the tools needed to get into this is not something they had. So with some energy cartridges and a couple of grenades found on the troopers they fashioned an explosive to take down the wall. With that success they were able to enter the vault and retrieve the artifact which happened to be an ancient datacron. The party also found some other useful things inside the vault. The Hutt clothing however they left behind.

Heading back to their ship they see the location they had left the ship had a sand storm raging burying the ship and keeping them stranded in the canyon until it cleared.

To be continued….

Episode 1
Just another day in the outer rim

Our party Baniss and Joren meet their contact Cadan on Riileb. The planet is made up of small islands and the one they are on has been a meeting ground for them for quite some time. They turn over their previous quarry and Cadan offers them a new job on Ryloth.

They are to track down a Twilek by the name of On’Mesh, he is the leader of a swoop gang called the Chrome Crows. As our party arrives they get right to it and start looking for the gang. The clubhouse itself looks like it locked up tight and there are a pair of trained Nexu tied to the door. Instead of dealing with that first the party decides to first check out one of the gang’s fronts.

The Eternia Bar was very busy and it was very simple to sneak in the back office undetected. This is where they laid a trap for the first gang member that would enter the office. With the member Chomsky in hand they head back to their freighter to get information from him. Chomsky proved difficult to interrogate and Baniss lost his nerve shooting Chomsky in the chest. Joren realizing they did not get the information they needed retorted with “Uhm… I think we need to work on our interrogation skills.”

The team goes back to the bar lies in wait again and snags another member. This time they snag Qoolqi and when they get him back to their freighter they use a wrench instead of a gun. This proves to be much more useful. They get the location of On’mesh and the codes to the club house.

Armed with a plan they get back to the clubhouse and use raw meat to bait and rug the nexu. Unfortunately one of them was not very hunger and decided to charge when they were opening the door. Little did they know that Booli a large Ithorian was on the other side of the door to see what the commotion was. The Nexu lunged and Baniss moved out of the way just in time to send the beast into the door. This knocked it off its hinges and made it fall on Booli. The following gunfight lead to the death of On’Mesh’s Rodian friend Dreelo and On’Mesh lie on the floor stunned. Booli then stood up and started swinging a large cybernetic axe at Baniss and Joren in the doorway. He got it stuck in the wall giving the party the time they needed to finish him off and be on their way.

They Deliver On’Mesh to Cadan on Riileb at the end. With fresh credits in hand our group takes off onto new things.

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