Banis "The Shadow" Ra

Togruta Hit-Man


Two horns up
Two horns down
Greenish/blue and white stripes
2 Cybernetic hands
Age: 35

Found by the Jedi Order in a dumpster on Coruscant. Banis was chosen at a young age to be trained as a Jedi sentinel. He was a Jedi Assassin or what they called a “Shadow” a person who would go behind enemy lines undercover to find Sith and Destroy them. Rarely at the Academy his master and him would Study the art of stealth and manipulation. Years passed and it was finally time for his Trials into knighthood. During his trials chaos erupted. Banis and his fellow padawans fled from the temple as Order 66 was being carried out. Barely making it out alive the 4 padawan traveled from planet to planet seeking refuge while trying to cope with their inner and outer demons. Battling with each other constantly the group split. Fed up with fighting and the bickering Banis left the group and denounced the Jedi faith itself. Broke and hungry he did anything he could to survive. At the end of his rope and contemplating suicide Banis ran into a duro. A duro by the name of Cadan Zhalto " Yea i got some work for ya" Cadan said with a smirk " just depends if you don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty" at this point Banis stopped caring about the well-being

of others. What really did the talking in the universe was money. He gladly took the job. Banis became a bounty hunter/ Assassin. He had traded in his lightsaber for a slugthrower and put down anyone and anything that got in Cadan’s way.
After years of this Banis only trusted a handful of people: Himself, Cadan and another bounty hunter he met while on the job. Banis met Joren while going after the same mark. Banis and Joren came to a agreement after being captured by their mark they would work together and split the reward.
Jobs came and went while the two of them became very good friends almost brotherly like always watching each others back. The two of them fought their way through hordes of enemies always coming out on top. Beaten, battered and bruised they always get the job done. Even if they still need work on their Interrogation skills.

Banis "The Shadow" Ra

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